16.7 Encryption and Media Path

When using our mobile apps or V2VUC portal, calls made between users are fully encrypted using DTLS/SRTP.

V2VIP uses WebRTC to keep your web calls secure. What is WebRTC? Unlike other VoIP and video conferencing technologies, encryption is mandated in WebRTC. To send video, voice, or data between two peers in WebRTC, the information must be encrypted with Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP). SRTP encrypts the session, so no one can decode the message without the proper encryption keys. The portal uses the ICE mechanism (peer-to-peer mode) for establishing media path so the media (audio and video) are sent directly between users.

Calls always try to connect first in peer to peer mode, so the media (audio and video) are sent directly between users without routing to the server. If users are in the same local WiFi than it is very likely the media path will stay within the network and thus the quality of the connection will be excellent.