2. Hosted V2VIP™ - PBX / Unified Communications (V2VUC)

V2VIP™ Unified Communication (V2VUC) enables small-to-medium businesses, organizations and enterprises to use a Business-class Communication in the Cloud solution. Instead of maintaining costly on-premises PBXes companies can now enroll to a service in the cloud – Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS).

Wind Currents Communications, Inc's V2VUC platform is a collection of elements and features that include:

  • Essential enterprise telephony (ET) features

  • Unified Communications (UC) to combine PBX services with Auto-attendant and WebRTC collaboration features like mobile apps, video, conferencing, chat, file sharing, presence, and a web portal into a single solution
  • V2VUC Portal - a self-managed user portal which combines account management and communication services. All company account settings (i.e. adding new users, managing PBX functions / auto-attendant, etc) are managed by the Admin user; there are limited functions available to all users (i.e. avatar, status, presence, voicemail, greetings, answering rules).account management and provisioning Portal

  • Click-to-call which does not require any download, simply log into your UC/PBX web portal and click on a number you want to call.
  • Mobility with iV2VIP™ (iOS) and aV2VIP™ (Android) apps
  • Multiple devices like an IP phone, videophone or video softphones on smartphones or tablets. 

V2VIP hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an IP network. There’s no hardware or software expense or IT installation costs because WCCI takes care of it all. Our V2VIP hosted PBX is completely managed off-site.
With the user-friendly V2VUC web portal / control panel, businesses have the ability to manage the functions and features of their phone system.