15. Webphone

From the V2VUC portal it's possible to call other users as well as phone numbers from other networks (mobile or landline). User-to-user (peer-to-peer) calls are referred to as Onnet and are Free, both in the portal and mobile apps.
Calls to numbers on other external networks are referred to as Offnet and are Paid.

  • Onnet free calls- limited to the company users, enabling greater capabilities

  • Offnet paid calls –calls and SMSs to external numbers.

Calls can be started from the Contacts list, Company directory or the Recents history menu by clicking an icon representing voice call or video call.

At the top of the webphone there are different icons (see below) that enable a variety of settings and configurations. Options include: Answering rules, Greetings, Settings; Search; Sort; Create new contact. See Voicemail list; Call history; Chat and SMS history.

Note: To see the webphone in a full-width window mode, click on the Maximize box at the top of the webphone or drag the app open from the side. Full width displays more options and, if there are multiple simultaneous active chats you can pin each in the window.

User to user audio calling uses a HD voice codec which is also dynamically adjusting to different network conditions.

The call button by default initiates an Onnet call. To dial an external phone number hover the mouse over the button and the paid call menu option will appear. Click on the avatar to open the contact info panel with the list of all user’s phone numbers.

To make a call from the dial pad, open the Recents menu and click on the dial pad icon in the lower part of the list. The dial pad lets you enter a phone number and make a call or send SMS to that number.